4 cups of coffee per day = 65% lower risk of death

Lots of coffee bean cherries

A study presented by Dr Adela Navarro at the ESC Congress 2017 in Barcelona claims that just 4 cups of coffee per day can lower your risk of premature death by up to 65%.

This risk was compared to those that either “never” or “almost never” drink coffee.

This number was derived from the analysis of data from the Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra (SUN) Project, using Cox regression methods — analysis of multiple variables to determine survival rates — and in addition to their coffee consumption, the participants were questioned about other lifestyle factors including smoking and exercise habits, amongst an extensive set of other data points that were also collected.  The study originally took place in 1999 to investigate the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, over a 10-year period, with further questionnaires every 2 years.

In addition, it’s claimed that for every extra 2 cups of coffee that were consumed, the risk was reduced by a further 25%, or 30% for those that were over 45.

In the SUN project we found an inverse association between total coffee consumption and the risk of all-cause mortality, especially among older participants.

Read the whole study in more detail over at the European Society of Cardiology website.


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