Starbucks introduces their Turmeric Latte

Starbucks launch their Turmeric Latte

The antioxidant booming turmeric latte that has been taking the world by storm will now be available from your local Starbucks.

The turmeric-milk combination on its own is called haldi doodh in south Asia, and is claimed to be a drink that women use in order to lighten their skin.  Whatever the reason, turmeric has seen a meteoric rise on Google Trends which has obviously made the sugar-milk-beverage coffee giant pay attention and cash in on the craze.

Make your own

The last year has seen a wealth of adaptations to the world’s favourite coffee+milk drink and this particular twist — latte with some added turmeric — has been a firm favourite.  Potentially, the popularity could come from the antioxidant content, or from the flavoursome addition of the spices.  Most likely though, it’s from the Instagrammable nature of the golden coloured milk.

Here’s our recipe in case you’d rather use some proper coffee and not feed the devil:


  1. Make your espresso shot or coffee base.
  2. Stir the turmeric, pepper and vanilla into the cold milk before heating.
  3. If you have an espresso machine, then you can go ahead and aerate your milk as usual
  4. We recommend this method for milk frothing using just a french press if you don’t own an espresso machine
  5. Pour a perfect rosetta (truly optional…)
  6. Enjoy!

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