Whether you’re new to coffee or a coffee aficionado we’re certain that you’ll find our coffees an absolute delight.  Here is a little snapshot of our process.

Coffee cupping scores above 85.

And we aim for >85/100 points in the categories of Fragrance/Aroma, Flavour, Aftertaste, Acidity, Body, Balance, Uniformity, Clean Cup, Sweetness, and Defects. Have a look at the full protocols, if you’re interested.  

We aim for a “light” roast profile.

Darker roasts exist to hide defects in poor quality coffee.  There’s nothing to hide here, since our coffees are all of astounding quality and the origin’s flavours, even delicate florals, are preserved.

 All our coffee is roasted fresh the week of ordering.

Each order is hand-roasted according to profiles we have crafted for each batch of coffee.  It’s sent to you with the roast date written on the pack and should be consumed within 4-6 weeks from this date.

 Freshly and efficiently delivered.

Rather than hiding delivery fees within the price, delivery is charged at a flat fee of £2, although offered free for subscriptions and orders over £30.  Most orders are sent in 200g boxes which conform to the Royal Mail Large Letter spec.  This minimises cost, materials, and environmental footprint.

We will strive to keep lowering costs.

In spite of raw coffee prices surging around 15% in the last year, we also structure our pricing using thin margins.  We pass on the savings to you whilst retaining the highest standards in quality and ensuring our sourcing meets Fairtrade standards or better. 

Single origin, single farms only.  No blends here.

Blends are pushed by many companies.  We don’t believe in it.  Not only do blends muddle flavours at the cost of clarity, they’re also more difficult to roast and brew due to the differences in bean shape, size, varietal and everything else that makes the coffee unique.  Batches with this level of transparency also ensure the farmers are paid properly.