Moka pot (1 cup) - Total brew time 6-10 minutes

This Italian created metal pot packs a punch to create Espresso in the comfort of your own home. It brews using stove flame and steam, which maybe a basic alternative to owning an Espresso machine but still produces a quality rich and complex coffee at a fraction of the price. As you’d expect the Espresso shot is a strong small shot of coffee that is classicly bitter due to its finer grind.


Moka pot
1 cup (20-22g of beans)


Step 1

Boil water to an ideal brewing temperature of 91-93C. Once boiled, add water to the bottom compartment of the Moka pot.

Step 2

Weigh and grind your coffee to a consistency similar to fine salt. We recommend using around 21g of coffee beans.

Step 3

Add the ground coffee to the filter basket and level off using your finger.

Step 4

Place the basket in the lower compartment and screw on the top compartment of the Moka pot.

Step 5

Place the Moka pot on a medium hot stove and watch in amazement as it brews.
Process: Here the water boils in the bottom compartment pushing steam through the grounds to produce a concentrated coffee (Espresso) in the top compartment of the Moka pot.

Step 6

Wait for a hissing noise and take off the heat. Once the bubbling stops, pour into a cup of your choice and enjoy.
Note: Handle with care as the Moka pot will be hot!