Kalita Wave- Total brew time 3-4 minutes

Metal and grooved in build, the Kalita Wave with its memorable design brews through a paper filter on a flat-bed (as opposed to the cone of the V60) for what some consider a more consistent extraction. Due to the flat bed allowing for a partial immersion, this method produces a balanced yet intricate flavour somewhere in between a French Press and Hario V60.


Kalita wave
Paper filter
1 cup (12g of beans)

Kalita Wave in copper

Step 1

Boil water to an ideal brewing temperature of 91-93C. Once boiled, add your filter to the Kalita Wave and rinse with hot water to warm up the Kalita Wave and remove the paper flavour.

Step 2

Weigh and grind your coffee to a consistency similar to table salt. We recommend using 12g of coffee beans.

Step 3

Add the ground coffee to the filter keeping the grounds at the centre of the cone. Shake to keep the coffee bed level.

Step 4

Place the Kalita Wave with cup onto the scale and pour 50 grams of hot water gently onto the coffee to ensure it all gets wet. When pouring, use a spiral movement outwards from the centre to cover the coffee without disturbing the coffee bed.
Note: For improved technique a goose neck kettle helps to control water flow and spiral pouring.

Step 5

Set timer for 30 seconds to allow the coffee to bloom (degassing process). After 30 seconds add an additional 100 grams of water and set timer for 1 minute.

Step 6

At 1 minute, add an additional 75 grams of water to total water weight to 225 grams and wait a further 1.30 mins. At 1.30 minutes remove the Kalita Wave and serve!