French Press/Cafetiere (1 cup) - Total brew time 4-5 mins

Probably the most widely used home brew method which uses a plunge filter system to brew and separate the grounds. Catering for individuals and groups alike this method is ideal for those seeking a fuller body cup of coffee.


French press/Cafetiere (1 cup)
1 cup (12g of beans)


step 1

Boil the kettle to an ideal brewing water temperature of 91-93C. Once boiled, add water to the cafetiere to preheat for a more consistent brew.

step 2

Weigh and grind your coffee. We recommend using 12g of beans to 250g of water for 1 cup, but depending on how strong you want your coffee feel free to adapt.
Note: Grind the beans fairly coarsely to a consistency similar to breadcrumbs. Too fine and the beans won’t be filtered out.

step 3

Empty the preheated water from the cafetiere, add your ground beans and place cafetiere on the scales.

step 4

Pour 250 grams of hot water slowly over the grounds ensuring they’re completely saturated. Use a spoon to gently break up and mix the coffee with water and wait 30 seconds to allow for the coffee to bloom (degassing process).

step 5

Add the top of the cafetiere and plunge the filter just enough to submerge the coffee under water level. Set timer for 4 minutes of brewing.

step 6

After 4 minutes, slowly push down the plunger to seperate the coffee grounds at the bottom of the cafetiere and hey presto you’re ready to pour out a cup of coffee.
Note: To avoid over brewing which causes bitterness we recommend pouring the coffee fairly soon after its brewed.