Brades Farm Barista Milk- the creme de la creme

Brades farm

For the majority of us milk and coffee come hand in hand with our daily coffee drinking rituals. Lattes and Flat whites riddle the top selling boards in many coffee shops including Speciality, which begs the question….should more of an effort go into raising dairy milk standards? To some this may seem unnecessary, but with […]

The history of Arabica…or Ethiopia?


Arabica is a species of coffea that has set the bar as the distinguishable bean of Speciality coffee. It has gained acclaim as a coffee favoured in flavour and quality against its more bitter tasting Robusta and Liberica cousins, paving its way as the bean of choice for many coffee purists including myself. Now representing […]

Our exclusive coffee for the “Lighter Side Of Life” (LSOL) subscription


At the end of May we prepared an exclusive coffee for the LSOL (“Lighter Side Of Life”) subscription programme; its members being the coffee fanatics of the UK Coffee Forums.  The concept works like this: a coffee is sent out without any information and it is down to subscribers to brew, taste, and pick out […]

Vietnam’s infamous egg coffee – Cà Phê Trứng

Following a friends recent and enviable travels to Vietnam (…damn you Tobythelastviking!), a drink that has been raved to me more than once is Vietnam’s egg coffee, also known as Cà Phê Trứng. As a staple in many coffee shops in riddling the streets of its birth place of Hai Noi, its reputation precedes it as a […]

Scandinavian coffee and the northern lights

Northern lights

As a speciality coffee lover Scandinavian coffee often crops ups as an enviable part of the industry. This comes as no surprise knowing that Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Norway commonly rank within the top 6 countries as the worlds biggest coffee consumers. They obviously take it seriously and as a result are home to big players […]