How to taste a good Espresso – Coffee Extraction 101

Espresso shot

I like to think of coffee not as a beverage but as a journey from bean-to-cup. The end destination being a happy and coffee filled customer. The coffee bean used provides the foundation for this journey. However, the journey is where the beans inherent flavours are potentialised. Whereby they are either enhanced, maintained or more […]

Hario Mini Mill Plus Grinder – The Review

Hario Mini Mill Plus

The Hario brand is something of an icon in the specialty coffee community. Known predominantly for the Hario V60 kit (a legendary brewer that makes sublime filter coffee), they are also the creators of a plethora of coffee equipment including for the sake of this review…the Hario Mini Mill coffee hand grinder. First introduced in […]

Current crop: Autumnal notes with a Honduran natural and an Ethiopian classic

Pedro Joel Fiallos, Farmer

The Ethiopian Ato was our standout coffee of the year in 2017-18 and we were supposed to bring it back earlier in the summer. Instead we brought in additional and outstanding Kenyans like the Gathaithi and Karimikui to see us through the seemingly endless (and now it’s gone…) heatwave with their wondrous, famously Kenyan, juicy […]