Death by decaf?


Decaf coffee has long been ridiculed as the misfit of the coffee industry. Yet with an increasing horde of people asking for decaf in our shop I can’t help feel this once ugly duckling has found its inner beauty. IN THE BEGINNING In the beginning there was Ludwig Roselius in Germany, who in 1903 discovered […]

Cascara – Where coffee meets tea


As taste buds become more refined consumers are constantly searching for the next big thing within the speciality beverage industry. Quality is a god given, but the potential for drinks and vessels to bring that quality are seemingly endless. This is where Cascara borders on being the next rising star. It bridges the gap between […]

How to taste a good Espresso – Coffee Extraction 101

Espresso shot

I like to think of coffee not as a beverage but as a journey from bean-to-cup. The end destination being a happy and coffee filled customer. The coffee bean used provides the foundation for this journey. However, the journey is where the beans inherent flavours are potentialised. Whereby they are either enhanced, maintained or more […]