Current crop: Autumnal notes with a Honduran natural and an Ethiopian classic

Pedro Joel Fiallos, Farmer

The Ethiopian Ato was our standout coffee of the year in 2017-18 and we were supposed to bring it back earlier in the summer. Instead we brought in additional and outstanding Kenyans like the Gathaithi and Karimikui to see us through the seemingly endless (and now it’s gone…) heatwave with their wondrous, famously Kenyan, juicy […]

The best time to drink coffee…according to science

Coffee clock

There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. For many of us drinking a morning coffee is a ritual to jump start you for the busy day ahead. But what if I told you could be drinking coffee at completely the wrong times that could be counter productive? Caffeine whether you […]

Costa Coffee now owned by Coca Cola, and why you should support independents

Coca Cola Costa Coffee Acquisition

At the end of last month, Coca Cola — the massive American conglomerate — bought Costa Coffee for £3.9 billion in a move that signals the company’s acknowledgement of the future for their sugary drinks. Coca Cola isn’t just a fizzy drink retailer anymore though either.  Innocent Smoothies, another British brand, were another of Coca Cola’s […]