Top 5 rules of good speciality coffee shop etiquette

joshua-rodriguez-f7zm5TDOi4g-unsplash (1)

Coffee shops are a place to relax, enjoy and leave fond memories. However, when you work in coffee shops as long as I have you come across a fair few awkward moments, some between staff and customers, some between customers and customers, and even some between customers and themselves. I’ve rounded up the top 5 […]

Felicita ARC scales : The Review

Felicita ARC

I may be late to the mark discovering the Felicita scale range, but better late than never. My new found toy ‘the Felicita ARC scale’ provides a great contender for the best coffee scales i’ve ever used. They provide everything you need and then some to weigh coffee like a pro. The Situation: Until recently […]

The Ultimate Mork Chocolate Mocha


After our recent post introducing our new staple ‘Mork Chocolate‘, we thought it only fitting to dedicate a post that combines both our speciality products. As an expert in field we got in touch with Mork to help make the ultimate Mocha possible. Combining both our products meant a winner was definitely on the cards, […]

A Warm Speciality Welcome To Mork Hot Chocolate


Rich, smooth, decadent and more importantly speciality make Mork chocolate one of the go to hot chocolates for many artisanal coffee shops. As with what seems like countless popular trends they came from Australia, but Mork only really made headlines and a contender for us for their take on campfire hot chocolate with fire burnt […]

Is filter coffee better for you?

Filter coffee

Coffee for me is like the nectar of the gods. Delightful and diverse in its forms it can be enjoyed in a variety of beverages, be it espresso based or filter. Whilst I and millions of people share this sentiment, worrying about cholestrol is probably the last thing on peoples minds. Furthermore, if I were […]

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