Man vs. Machine – Volumetrics


Skillful Baristas will always reign supreme and the purist of them will rely on their senses to pour the perfect Espresso shot, but more and more are becoming open to tools that not only save time but keep up with the most demanding of customers. One of the reasons for this is the rise of […]

The Coffee Killer : Coffee Rust

Coffee Rust

For the regular coffee drinker little is known of coffees arch nemesis Coffee Rust, which is a constant threat to speciality coffee farms everywhere that are more susceptible to this aggressive disease. Coffee Rust also known as Hemiliea Vastrix is a fungal disease that can spread through rain, water and air via airborne spores and […]

Get more fruit from your filter

Fruits and other ingredients on table

At the World Barista Championships that take place every year, the sensory evaluation for each contestant takes the same format.  Firstly, an espresso is made for the judges, which is swiftly followed by a milk drink.  Lastly, the milk drink is followed by a signature beverage that tends to get many oohs and aahs.  I […]

Game changer: San Remo Revolution Grinder

San Remo Revolution Grinder

The ultimate grinder of choice for coffee pros since Matt Perger’s ubiquitous performance in 2013 at the World Barista Championships in Melbourne has undoubtedly been the Mahlkonig EK43.  Largely, this is due to its huge 98mm flat burr set and almost perfect bimodal grind distribution.  However, one thing that has scuppered its wider adoption for […]

Kalita Wave vs. Hario V60 — a scientific perspective

Hario V60 vs Kalita Wave

We’re big fans of all brew methods, including these two. The Kalita Wave — a type of immersion/drip filter with 3 holes and a specially folded shell-like filter paper.  And the Hario V60 — the classic cone filter with a single hole and ridges down the side at a 60 degree angle.  But which one […]