A Warm Speciality Welcome To Mork Hot Chocolate


Rich, smooth, decadent and more importantly speciality make Mork chocolate one of the go to hot chocolates for many artisanal coffee shops. As with what seems like countless popular trends they came from Australia, but Mork only really made headlines and a contender for us for their take on campfire hot chocolate with fire burnt […]

Is filter coffee better for you?

Filter coffee

Coffee for me is like the nectar of the gods. Delightful and diverse in its forms it can be enjoyed in a variety of beverages, be it espresso based or filter. Whilst I and millions of people share this sentiment, worrying about cholestrol is probably the last thing on peoples minds. Furthermore, if I were […]

The Art of Steaming Milk

Latte art

Today I deviate from our star of the show (banging coffee beans) and look to its heavy hitting side kick (milk) to explore the art of steaming milk. Although coffee is quite obviously the predominant flavour in any coffee drink, milk can still make or break it. Milk texture, flavour and volume all play a […]

Mooo-ve over dairy

Different types of non-dairy milk

Whether it’s oat, soya, almond or any other milk alternatives, it would appear us Brits are increasing consumption of milk alternatives. A study suggests that greenhouse gas emissions used in animal milk production far outweigh plant based substitutes. Not only this, as awareness of animal welfare and the health benefits of vegan milks increases, they’re […]

The Great Barista Life – Top Hacks & Tips

Barista life

Passed down through generations of Baristas I bring upon to you the greatest of great hacks & tips that have made my life easier and many a superstar barista, well…superstar. Although being a barista is alluring in itself, it is by a long shot not stress free. As anyone in hospitality will tell you it […]