The 4-6 method by 2016 Brewers Cup champ, Tetsu Kasuya

Tetsu Kasuya Brewers Cup 2016

During the World of Coffee event in 2016, Tetsu Kasuya won the Brewers Cup with a unique recipe that uses the first two pours over a V60 to manipulate the coffee’s acidity and sweetness.  Introducing: the 4-6 method. Although we covered Chad Wang’s 2017 winning recipe previously, I thought it would be interesting to resurrect […]

Krispy Kreme and the coffee spread dream

krispy kreme coffee and hazelnut spread

Move over Nutella the king of doughnuts Krispy Kreme’s has only gone and created a coffee and hazelnut spread that’s packed with 100% premium Arabica beans. If anyone knows anything about what compliments coffee its Krispy Kreme’s who have built a doughnut empire that does just that, but I imagine one talented individual locked away […]

A Guide To Coffee Certifications


When was the last time you visited a supermarket and came across a certification of some sort? The chances are very likely and as customers the world across have become more ethical so has the need for awareness and transparency of where products come from and how they’re produced. Speciality coffee is by no means […]