Don’t panic, we’ve arrived. And we bring with us the delights of high-quality, speciality, third-wave — and whatever other ridiculous names are given to the best coffee around.

The key to the best quality coffee in the world?

Fresh harvest

Green coffee can last for years but we prefer to work with fresh stock.  Ideally harvested within the last 6-8 months, max.  We select only coffee scoring 85+ on the cupping table, according to SCA guidelines.

Fresh roast

Our coffees are roasted fresh the week of ordering to give you the freedom to choose when to drink it.  Coffee needs 1-2 weeks rest and can stale after just 4-6 weeks.

Optimal roast-level

The coffee is roasted fairly ‘light’, although properly developed, which helps to extract juicy qualities and avoid bitter notes that develop later in the roast.

Freshly ground

Freshly roasted coffee should be kept in whole bean form and freshly ground; once ground, the coffee begins to stale within just 15 minutes!  Order whole bean from us and the rest is down to you.


Although we mix up our selection from time to time with some interesting and rare speciality coffees at higher price points, the vast majority of the coffee we sell is aimed at you, the curious coffee drinker. The product is indeed speciality, but our price points are not. Excellent does not need to be expensive.


And finally, this is really quite a personal crusade for us; good coffee, and we mean, really good coffee, can be difficult to find unless you live, work or visit a fairly metropolitan area or city centre. We want to cut out all of the nonsense, and use this website and our audience to try to work together to raise the standard of coffee everywhere. Help us to help you get better coffee locally.

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